Firecracker (2005, USA) C/B&W-106m. SCOPE ** D: Steve Balderson. Starring Karen Black, Mike Patton, Susan Traylor, Kathleen Wilhoite, Jak Kendall, Brooke Balderson, Paul Sizemore. David Lynch wannabe set in a small-town community in the 1960s and based on a true story. Teen Kendall suffers from a dysfunctional family, his mother (Black) is a religious fanatic, his father an alcoholic and his brother a brute. When a circus comes to town, he puts all his hopes in joining them as he is fascinated by their lead performer (also Black). A hope that is ultimately shattered. Tries hard to be stylish, with black-and-white sequences, use of slow-motion and flamboyant characters, but story is slowly-paced and none too interesting. Undermined mostly by Kendall's ambitious but amateur performance.

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