Fortabte Sjaeles , De (2007, DAN/SWE/GER) C-100m. SCOPE ** D: Nikolaj Arcel. Starring Sara Langebaek Gaarmann, Lucas Munk Billing, Lasse Borg, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Lars Mikkelsen. Fantasy horror film for older children about 14-year-old Gaarmann, who moves to the Danish seaside with her mother and brother. She is interested in the occult and starts to investigate when her brother is obviously possessed by the ghost of a 19th century Freemason. It turns out a Necromancer is keeping souls trapped on a nearby island. Fairly well-made, dark and scary, but a bit derivative - especially its LORD OF THE RINGS imitation score. Good for kids. Also known as ISLAND OF LOST SOULS.

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