Knuckle Draggers (2009, USA) C-89m. *** D: Alex Ranarivelo. Starring Ross McCall, Paul J. Alessi, Amie Barsky, Omar Gooding, Danielle Nicolet, Jennifer Alden. Refreshing indie movie offers a look at thirty-ish director McCall, whose girlfriend leaves him because of lack of success. His brother then takes up the task of introducing him into being the way women want him to be, though it seems everybody in his circle of friends is having problems of their own. Romantic comedy drama marks director Ranarivelo's feature debut, for which he creates a believable universe of characters, though some performances and situations are still slightly pretentious. All in all a telling slice-of-life, well worth-watching. Good score includes a song by McCall's ex-fiancee Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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