Unman, Wittering and Zigo (1971, GBR) C-102m. *** D: John Mackenzie. Starring David Hemmings, Douglas Wilmer, Anthony Haygarth, Carolyn Seymour, Hamilton Dyce, Barbara Lott, Michael Howe, Colin Barrie. Hemmings plays a school teacher who takes over a job in an English boarding school in mid-term and can't believe his ears when his students tell him that they killed his predecessor. A psycho battle ensues, where there is more at stake than just Hemmings' job. Highly interesting, perhaps unique mystery drama examines student rebellion in a similar way to Lindsay Anderson's IF.... (1968), although it is not as artistically accomplished. Its unavailability for many decades has added to its cult movie reputation. Based on the play by Giles Cooper, filmed before in 1965 (for television). Photographed by Geoffrey Unsworth. Trivia note: Leonard Maltin's review, which states that the killer's identity is revealed after the closing credits, is a mystery itself - it's not true.

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