Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro (1968, JAP) C-84m. SCOPE *** D: Hajime Sato. Starring Teruo Yoshida, Tomomi Sato, Eizo Kitamura, Hideo Ko, Kathy Horan. Outrageous science-fiction horror movie, the stuff cult movies are made of: The crew onboard a continental flight in Japan is in shock when they learn of a possible bomb on board, then the plane is attacked by suicidal birds and crashes when a UFO-like object almost hits them. At the mountainous crash-site an alien organism soon starts preying on the surviving passengers. Plays like a psychedelic Star Trek-episode for adults, colorful, trashy, a lot of fun, a must for cult movie fans. Contains an incredible array of themes: disaster, vampirism, sci-fi, war, greed, lust, apocalypse, everything you always wanted to see combined in one movie. Melodramatic score by Shunsuke Kikuchi. Alternative titles: BODYSNATCHER FROM HELL, GOKE THE VAMPIRE, VAMPIRE GOKEMIDORO.

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