WALL-E (2008, USA) C-98m. SCOPE ** D: Andrew Stanton. Starring (the voices of) Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard, John Ratzenberger, Sigourney Weaver. Some seven hundred years into the future the Earth is a wasteland, with garbage robot WALL-E on a lonely mission to rid the planet of trash. He collects material he considers interesting in his trailer and watches old movies. Then one day a female search robot arrives on the planet, with a mission he at first cannot understand. Animation-wise this is what you'd expect from Pixar, flawlessly animated, filled with good ideas, but plot is built up on coincidences, logical loopholes and doesn't fully exploit its apocalyptic premise. But most importantly, the laughs are limited. John Lasseter executive produced.

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