Moomins, The (TV series, 1979-1982, POL/AUT) C-8m. (78 episodes) n/r D: none credited. Narrated by Hans Clarin (German version), Richard Murdoch (English version). Finnish children's book author Tove Jansson's beloved Mumin or Moomin characters are featured in this television series. In the first episode the Mumin friends find a hat belonging to a Hobgoblin that can transform things inside. Later they go on a trip to an island and find strange inhabitants who worship a barometer. A bit gloomy, but highly imaginative, adventurous and peopled with interesting characters. The fourth(!) TV series about the Mumins, done in cut-out stop-motion style. Edited down to 5 minutes per episode for some showings. Finnish title: MUMINTROLLET.

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