Flatland (2007, USA) C-95m. SCOPE *** D: Ladd Ehlinger Jr. Starring (the voices of) Chris Carter, Megan Colleen, Ladd Ehlinger Jr., Oscar Gutierrez, Simon Hammond. Highly interesting computer-animated experiment about a two-dimensional world, where society is divided into triangles, squares etc. One day the protagonist, an A square, is kidnapped by a sphere who intends to show him the wonders of 3-D. However, there is an impending war, because the Spacelanders want to wipe out the Flatlanders. Difficult to tune in to unconventional story and concept, with a strange, satirical written commentary, but story takes you in, and voice performances and score are professionally done. Based on an 1885 novel by mathematician Edwin A. Abbott, which was previously filmed as short movies in 1965 and 1982. Later in 2007, another short film version premiered, this was titled FLATLAND: THE MOVIE.

© Ron Altman