Mulino delle Donne di Pietra, Il (1960, ITA/FRA) C-96m. *** D: Giorgio Ferroni. Starring Pierre Brice, Scilla Gabel, Wolfgang Preiss, Dany Carrel, Herbert Böhme, Liana Orfei. Beautifully atmospheric highlight of Italian gothic chillers: Brice comes to a remote mill in order to do some research on resident professor Böhme's work. He finds the mill shrouded in mystery, with a strangely sick daughter and a bizarre show of wax figures. What is the doctor experimenting on? Well-photographed horror chiller is reminiscent of the work of Roger Corman and Mario Bava. It's too bad Ferroni only returned to the horror genre once (for the good 1972 NOTTE DEI DIAVOLI) and did not make a single giallo. Good score by Carlo Innocenzi. A must for horror fans, even if pacing flaws mar it in the second half. English titles: MILL OF THE STONE WOMEN, DROPS OF BLOOD, HORROR OF THE STONE WOMEN, ICON, and THE HORRIBLE MILL WOMEN. French original title: LE MOULIN DES SUPPLICES.

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