Notti dei Diavoli, La (1972, ITA/SPA) C-91m. SCOPE *** D: Giorgio Ferroni. Starring Gianni Garko, Agostina Belli, Mark Roberts (=Roberto Maldera), Cinzia De Carolis, Teresa Gimpera, Bill Vanders, Umberto Raho, John Bartha, Tom Felleghy. Atmospheric horror chiller based on the same A. Tolstoi story as the Vurdalak segment in Mario Bava's I TRE VOLTI DELLA PAURA (1963). In fact, direction rivals Bava's gothic style in this tale of tourist Garko, who stumbles upon small village in rural Yugoslavia whose residents are afraid of something, especially at night. Not everything gels in the movie, but it's fairly creepy, also because of low budget, and Garko gives one of his best performances. Grisly effects by Carlo Rambaldi. Good score by Giorgio Gaslini. English title: NIGHT OF THE DEVILS.

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