Morte Ha Sorriso all'Assassino, La (1973, ITA) C-84m. SCOPE * D: Joe D'Amato (=Aristide Massaccesi). Starring Ewa Aulin, Klaus Kinski, Sergio Doria, Angela Bo, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart. Horror film, not a giallo (the title is illogical), set in the early 20th century with a gothic touch. Aulin has an accident with a horse carriage and is taken in by castle owners Doria and Bo. They wonder how she survived the crash, and doctor Kinski examines her. What is this strange mark on the neck about? Extremely weak, incoherent plot and D'Amato's trademark bludgeon style ruin this film. One wonders why Aulin signed up for it; this might have ruined her career, as 1973 was the last year she appeared in films. English titles: DEATH SMILED AT MURDER, DEATH SMILES ON A MURDERER.

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