Appurushîdo (2004, JAP) C-105m. *** D: Shinji Aramaki. Starring Ai Kobayashi, Jûrôta Kosugi, Yuki Matsuoka. Spectacular adaptation of the comic book by Masamune Shirow is vintage anime. In the world of the future, a tough female warrior is brought from the battlefront of an all-destroying world war to an idyllic city called Olympus, where humans and androids live in peace. It turns out she has to retrieve a valuable potion called Appleseed which contains the androids' DNA. Good, incredibly life-like animation, amazing action set-pieces, even the story is quite compelling. Cult films like BLADE RUNNER (1982), ALIENS (1986) are referenced, this one may become a cult item itself. Previously filmed in 1988 as an OVA, followed by a sequel in 2007. English title: APPLESEED.

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