Etoile (1988, ITA) C-101m. *** D: Peter Del Monte. Starring Jennifer Connelly, Gary McCleery, Laurent Terzieff, Olimpia Carlisi, Charles Durning. Dreamy, interesting paraphrase of the quintessential ballet Swan Lake about an American student in Budapest who wants to audition for a show and finds herself drawn to an old theater and ultimately its owner. McCleery, who accompanies his uncle Durning to some auctions, falls in love with her and investigates her strange behavior. Perhaps not completely convincing, but well-acted, well-scored, and subject matter is intriguing, to reiterate. Connelly is radiant in a role not that dissimilar to that in her film debut, Dario Argento's PHENOMENA (1985). Also known as BALLET.

© Ron Altman