Strage dei Vampiri, La (1962, ITA) B&W-78m. ** D: Roberto Mauri. Starring Walter Brandi, Graziella Granata, Paolo Solvay (=Luigi Batzella), Dieter Eppler, Alfredo Rizzo. Gothic horror film is a simplified version of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Count Brandi and his wife Granata celebrate their wedding, when a vampire appears and bites the bride. Hapless Brandi finds help in doctor Nietzsche(!). Atmospheric vampire movie, with good photography, a nice score and a seductive leading lady. Drawbacks: Brandi and vampire Eppler give campy performances, and the pace is slow. English titles: CURSE OF THE BLOOD GHOULS, CURSES OF THE GHOULS, and SLAUGHTER OF THE VAMPIRES.

© Ron Altman