Yoego Goedam 3: Yeowoo Gyedan (2003, KOR) C-97m. ** D: Yun Jae-yeon. Starring Song Ji-hyo, Park Han-byeol, Jo An, Park Ji-Yeon. Third film in the Korean ghost school tetralogy, sometimes referred to as the WHISPERING CORRIDORS films. A group of high school students hear about a legend that when you walk up the 28 steps of stone stairs near the school, a 29th step will appear and you will be granted a wish. Needless to say, this phenomenon is more curse than blessing. Aimed at teenage girls with (unnecessary) inclusion of ballet dancing scenes, but direction and especially photography are stylish, making this the best of the tetralogy. Followed by one more sequel, THE VOICE, also known as GHOST VOICE.

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