Code 46 (2003, GBR) C-93m. SCOPE ** D: Michael Winterbottom. Starring Tim Robbins, Samantha Morton, Om Puri, David Fahm, Nina Sosanya. Only partly successful science-fiction drama about investigator Robbins, who - with an implanted empathy chip that lets him read minds - sets out to find the person who has been smuggling travel permits which allow people to travel freely in an otherwise controlled environment. He falls in love with the culprit, boyish Morton, and risks a Code 46 violation (i.e. conceiving a child despite having matching genes). At times hypnotic, but generally unconvincing drama, the future feeling just doesn't come across, and the love affair isn't very believable (although the acting is fine). Worth a look for fans of serious science-fiction.

© Ron Altman