Jersey Girl (2004, USA) C-102m. SCOPE *** D: Kevin Smith. Starring Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Raquel Castro, Stephen Root, Mike Starr, Jason Biggs, Jason Lee, Matt Damon, Will Smith. Throwback to Smith's CHASING AMY days with that film's star Affleck. He plays a busy public relations manager, who has great plans with his pregnant wife Lopez. However, when she dies during childbirth, he is saddled with a baby that he cannot coordinate with his job. So he moves back to Jersey, to his dad, who gives him a hand in raising the girl. Tackles issues such as love, death, sex, parenthood seriously but not without humor, this comedy drama may seem overbaked and contrived to some, but it's filled with warmth. One of those movies to which your heart responds differently than your head. Photographed by Vilmos Zsigmond. Written and co-edited by the director, who dedicates the movie to his dad, who died during production.

© Ron Altman