Verità Secondo Satana, La (1972, ITA) C-87m. *** D: Renato Polselli. Starring Rita Calderoni, Isarco Ravaioli, Marie Paule Bastin. Insane but artsy psycho horror film about suicidal Ravaioli, whose ex-lover Calderoni agrees to pay him one more visit, during which he stages his own murder so that she can be blamed for it. Enter a crazy neighbor who has seen it all. A mind game between the two begins. Sleaze classic with gore and nudity from a controversial but little-known director. His editing makes this surreal and effective, a joy for cult movie enthusiasts. Sweeping score by Gianfranco Di Stefano. Review is based on 48m. fragment, which presents the core of the plot. 'Complete' version reportedly only adds hippie characters and a sex orgy (with some hard-core elements). English title: THE TRUTH ACCORDING TO SATAN.

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