Mon Seung (2006, HGK) C-85m. *** D: Oxide Pang Chun. Starring Charlene Choi, Shawn Yue, Isabella Leong. Psycho drama about a young woman (Choi), who's just been left by her boyfriend without a word. She starts despairing and cannot seem to be consoled by her only friend. Then she meets someone who looks just like her ex-lover. The starting point for a new relationship? Or is she imagining things? At first one-note and simplistic, but this drama becomes darkly stylish, with enough evidence of Pang's cinematic virtuosity to make it satisfying for cult movie fans. The screenwriting is dizzyingly creative, with the narrative shifting back and forth in time. Pang also cowrote and coproduced. Also known as DIARY, and WISHFUL THINKING.

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