Re-cycle (2006, HGK/THA) C-109m. SCOPE **** D: The Pang Brothers (Danny and Oxide Pang). Starring Lee Sinje (=Angelica Lee), Lawrence Chou, Lau Siu-Ming, Rain Li. Astounding fantasy horror drama from the makers of THE EYE (2002). Novelist Lee, whose latest novel has been made into a movie, is working on a new book, a ghost story as she says. Soon, there are ghostly manifestations all around her. Is her book coming alive? Then she stumbles into a fantasy world of abandoned, forgotten things, ideas - and people. How can she escape from this hell? Begins like a (by-now) conventional Asian horror film and expands into a beautiful fantasy drama recalling the worlds of great imaginative directors Burton, Gilliam, Jeunet et Caro, or Miyazaki (in fact, this would have made a perfect script for Miyazaki). Visually dazzling, superbly scored, with a script that has not one but two brilliant twists at the end - a masterpiece! Not to be missed. Original title: GWAI WIK.

© Ron Altman