Violenza in un Carcere Femminile (1982, ITA) C-98m. M D: Vincent Dawn (=Bruno Mattei). Starring Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Maria Romano, Ursula Flores, Francoise Perrot, Lorraine De Selle. Bland sexploitation about Gemser, who must get by in inhumane prison, where there's sex and violence galore. Has all the clichés of the W.I.P. films, but it is poorly made and boring. A later example of this subgenre, which flourished in the 1970s, and one of the worst. The fifth movie in the EMANUELLE NERA series, following EMANUELLE E GLI ULTIMI CANNIBALI (1977). Followed by one more entry: EMANUELLE FUGA DALL'INFERNO. English titles: CAGED WOMEN, CHICKS IN CHAINS, EMANUELLE REPORTS FROM A WOMEN'S PRISON, EMMANUELLE IN HELL, VIOLENCE IN A WOMEN'S (WOMAN'S) PRISON.

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