Black Moon (1975, FRA/GER) C-100m. ** D: Louis Malle. Starring Cathryn Harrison, Therese Giehse, Alexandra Stewart, Joe Dallesandro. Grotesque, little-known experiment from French master director Malle about a girl (Rex's granddaughter Harrison, who was 15 when this was made), who drives through a ravaged countryside, where men and women seem to be at war. She ends up in a country mansion, which is inhabited by a strange old bed-ridden lady. A kind-of Alice in Wonderland drama for adults with lots of unexplained grotesqueries, which wears thin after about an hour. However, if a 15-year-old breastfeeding a 75-year-old is your cup of tea, then seek out this rare film. There is no score, and the photography (by Sven Nykvist) is rather bleak (although it did win the César). Fellow director Chabrol made a similar experiment a year later in ALICE OU LA DERNIERE FUGUE. Actress Giehse's last film.

© Ron Altman