Rupan Sansei: Tenshi no Sakuryaku Takutikusu Yume no Kakera Wa Koroshi no Kaori (2005, JAP) C-92m. *** D: Shigeyuki Miya. Starring (the voices of) Kanichi Kurita, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Makio Inoue, Eiko Masuyama, Gorô Naya. Spectacular, stylish LUPIN III adventure about a group of Amazon-like terrorists, who want a sphere of extra-terrestrial origin that Lupin has just stolen from the Area 51 site. Apart from their voluptuous looks, each of the four has a deadly speciality - can they match the wits of Lupin, Jigen, Goemon and Zenigata? Made for television, but extremely well-directed, gets better and better as it goes along. Quite violent, too. English title: LUPIN III: ANGEL TACTICS.

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