Rupan Sansei: Kutabare! Nastradamus (1995, JAP) C-98m. *** D: Shunya Ito. Starring (the voices of) Kanichi Kurita, Kiyoshi Kabayashi, Eiko Masuyama, Gorô Naya, Makio Inoue. Entry in the Japanese cult series (begun in the early 70s) about Arsène Lupin's grandson, who is a master-thief and globetrotter. Here, he becomes involved in the kidnapping of a prominent politician's daughter by the evil Nostradamus sect. In an intricately hidden treasure chamber on top of the politician's hyper-skyscraper they suspect the whereabouts of Book Seven of Nostradamus. Astounding, tongue-in-cheek action adventure with sci-fi touches, lightning-paced and with incredible action set-pieces, this one cuts loose like good anime should. This is the way the old Bond movies were made! The sixth theatrical Lupin III movie (excluding the TV movies). From the director of the infamous SASORI movies. English title: LUPIN III: DIE, NOSTRADAMUS, or GO TO HELL NASTRADAMUS.

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