Lords of Dogtown (2005, USA) C-108m. *** D: Catherine Hardwicke. Starring John Robinson, Emile Hirsch, Rebecca De Mornay, William Mapother, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Nikki Reed, Heath Ledger, Johnny Knoxville, Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Charles Napier, Stacy Peralta, Tony Hawk, Bai Ling, Alexis Arquette. Irresistible drama about the legendary Z-boys from Venice, California, a group of surfers, who made skateboarding popular worldwide in the 1970s and whose subsequent fame put their friendship to a test. Hardwicke's direction is just as loose and lively as her protagonists, the time period is meticulously recreated, making the movie compelling despite some storytelling flaws. Screenplay written by Stacy Peralta, who was one of the founders of the movement (portrayed in the film by Robinson); he directed the documentary DOGTOWN AND Z-BOYS in 2001. This was the director's follow-up to her equally authentic THIRTEEN (2003). Also known as DOGTOWN BOYS.

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