Fast Track (2006, USA) C-90m. ** D: Jesse Peretz. Starring Zach Braff, Amanda Peet, Jason Bateman, Charles Grodin. Mia Farrow, Lucian Maisel, Donal Logue, Josh Charles, Paul Rudd. Romantic comedy with the emphasis on comedy about young parents Braff and Peet, who move to her hometown in Ohio, where he has to start over in a new job with her dad Grodin (in his first screen role since the 1994 IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY ). Too bad he must collaborate with her ex-lover, wheelchair-bound Bateman. And the baby-blues is just kicking inů Braff gets a relentless beating here until the finale, where the film goes completely overboard. Even the outtakes over the 10-minute closing crawl aren't very funny. Also known as THE EX.

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