Able Edwards (2004, USA) B&W-81m. ** D: Graham Robertson. Starring Scott Kelly Galbreath, Keri Bruno, David Ury, Steve Beaumont Jones, Michael Shamus Wiles. Independent feature executive produced by Steven Soderbergh has an intriguing story set in the future, after the Earth has become uninhabitable and people orbit the planet in so-called Civilization Pods. During a court hearing, we learn of an entertainment mogul (modelled after Walt Disney), who has been cloned to revive his ailing company. In the testimonials we learn of the clone's life and career. Occasionally pretentious (all of this was shot against a green screen), but film's biggest weaknesses are the self-conscious direction and the variable acting. An interesting experiment nevertheless, worth watching for the curious. The score is good.

© Ron Altman