Hjaelp, Jeg Er En Fisk (2000, DAN/GER/EIR) C-80m. ** D: Stefan Fjeldmark, Michael Hegner, Gerg Manwaring. Starring (the voices of) Alan Rickman, Terry Jones (English version), Ulf Piilgard, Paprika Steen, Ghita Norby. Average animated feature about some kids, who stumble into ship of an old experimenting professor. When a little girl is accidentally transformed into a fish and thrown into the ocean, her brother and a friend also undergo this transformation to find and bring her back. However, the antidote has been poured over some other sea creatures, who now aspire to overthrow humans. Sounds a little weird and it is. Overbearing score and worthless songs among film's drawbacks. The animation is quite good. English titles: HELP I'M A FISH, A FISH TALE.

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