Saw II (2005, USA) C-93m. *** D: Darren Lynn Bousman. Starring Donnie Wahlberg, Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Franky G, Erik Knudsen, Glenn Plummer, Dina Meyer. Fast-paced, gimmicky sequel to the 2004 horror hit puts cop Wahlberg face to face with the jigsaw killer, who has locked several people into a booby trapped house, including Wahlberg's son. A gas will kill them in two hours, unless they find an antidote, hidden somewhere in the derelict building. A bit too sadistic and unpleasant at times, but generally enjoyable, if you like this kind of stuff. Written by the director and Leigh Whannell, who also executive produced, along with the original SAW director James Wan. Followed by SAW III (2006).

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