Angel Heart (1987, USA/CDN/GBR) C-113m. *** D: Alan Parker. Starring Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, Lisa Bonet, Charlotte Rampling, Stocker Fontelieu, Pruitt Taylor Vince. Impressive exercise in noir filmmaking, an atmospheric maelstrom. Rourke is worn-down private eye Harry Angel, whose latest case puts him in search of a missing singer in the netherworld of 1950s New Orleans. Rourke's mysterious client De Niro obviously has a score to settle with the elusive man. Soon, people around Harry start dying gruesome deaths. Great mystery plot, brilliant use of settings and fine camerawork make this one of the best mysteries of the 1980s. A highly interesting, well-made movie about identities and finding yourself, might be considered as a link between BLADE RUNNER (1982) and JACOB'S LADDER (1990). It also has a great soundtrack. Written by the director, based on the novel Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg, who wrote Ridley Scott's LEGEND (1985).

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