Nude… Si Muore (1967, ITA/USA) C-97m. SCOPE **˝ D: Anthony M. Dawson (=Antonio Margheriti). Starring Mark Damon, Eleonora Brown, Michael Rennie, Sally Smith, Alan Collins (=Luciano Pigozzi). Quite enjoyable whodunit, a typical early giallo. At an exclusive school for girls, the arrival of a new teacher coincides with the beginning of a murder series. Inspector Rennie to the rescue! Colorful sets, nicely plotted, almost good. For fans of the genre (although this is more of the old-fashioned type). Mario Bava cowrote the story. Quite elaborate score by Carlo Savina. In Germany this was released in black-and-white. English titles: THE SCHOOL GIRL KILLER, THE YOUNG, THE EVIL & THE SAVAGE. Also known as SETTE VERGINI PER IL DIAVOLO (SIEBEN JUNGFRAUEN FÜR DEN TEUFEL).

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