Ilsa, Tigress of Siberia (1977, CDN) C-92m. ** D: Jean LaFleur. Starring Dyanne Thorne, Michel-René Labelle, Gilbert Beaumont, Jean-Guy Latour, Terry Haig. Pretty vile but somehow enjoyable exploitation flick is a mélange of torture and sex. Thorne is convincing as tyrannic ruler of a Siberian prison camp anno 1953. During the day she devises cruel methods for rebellious prisoners to die, by night she needs not one but two of her prison guards to satisfy her lust. After the Stalinist regime ends, Ilsa picks up her evil doings as a mafia boss in present-day Canada(!). Extremely violent, corny fun for cult movies buffs. It even references Kubrick and Pasolini! Third ILSA movie, though fourth in a series, following GRETA - HAUS OHNE MÄNNER (1977). Produced by Roger Corman and Ivan Reitman. Also known as TIGRESS.

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