Versus (2000, JAP) C-119m. SCOPE * D: Riyuhei Kitamura. Starring Tak Sakaguchi, Hideo Sakaki, Chieko Masaka, Kenji Matsuda, Yurichiro Arai. Japanese splatter movie about two escaped convicts, who can't seem to get out of the woods because there's a portal to hell and countless zombies attacking them. Peopled with unlikable, meaningless characters, film is totally pointless, unless watching graphic gore is your cup of tea. Totally uneffective due to lack of plot. If one didn't know it better, one might think it's a video game adaptation. Some stylish directorial touches save it from total disaster. A sequel to the 45m. DOWN TO HELL (1997), this is also known as DOWN TO HELL 2, and THE ULTIMATE VERSUS.

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