Räuber Hotzenplotz, Der (2006, GER) C-94m. SCOPE ** D: Gernot Roll. Starring Armin Rohde, Martin Stührk, Manuel Steitz, Rufus Beck, Katharina Thalbach, Piet Klocke, Barbara Schöneberger, Christiane Hörbiger. Quite nice children's movie based on Otfried Preußler's novel about a ruffian but bumbling burglar, who is constantly chased by equally incompetent policeman Klocke (the funniest in the picture) and outsmarted by the real main characters Kasperl and Seppel, two mischievous kids. Has a nice, old-fashioned charm and adequate performances. For kids. Filmed before in 1967 (for TV) and 1974 (with Gert Fröbe).

© Ron Altman