Rap Nawng Sayawng Khwan (2005, THA) C-85m. ** D: Pakphum Wojinda. Starring Sumonrat Wattanaselarat, Wonghtep Khunarattanrat, Amornpan Kongtrakarn, Atchara Sawangwai, Kenta Sikjiya. Interesting slasher movie from Thailand, quite well-produced. A group of high school freshmen go on a camping trip, which goes wrong early, when their bus falls from a collapsing bridge in the middle of nowhere. Then a killer starts bumping off the survivors. Gory but not tasteless, above-average, atmospheric horror with competent editing, score, direction, cinematography, even acting. Reference range from EVIL DEAD (1982), INTRUDER (1988) to Italian horror. Buffs should give this one a look. Also known as SCARED.

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