Tomie: Saishuu-Shô - Kindan no Kajitsu (2002, JAP) C-91m. SCOPE * D: Shun Nakahara. Starring Nozomi Andô, Aoi Miyazaki, Jun Kunimura, Yuka Fujimoto, Tetsu Watanabe. Fourth or fifth TOMIE movie is an odd horror drama about nerdish girl Tomie, who is a complete outsider and often taunted by her school mates. One day she befriends a mysterious girl, who turns out to be the ghost of Tomie's father's first love. She uses her influence to instruct the father to kill his daughter. Terminally odd, slowly paced drama that takes a bizarre twist towards MACABRO (1980) and BASKET CASE (1982), though never retains those movies' atmosphere and goofiness, respectively. Never a good sign if a movie justifies its existence solely by making a bow to RINGU (1998). Based on the comic book by Junji Ito. English title: TOMIE: THE FINAL CHAPTER - FORBIDDEN FRUIT. Still, it was followed by two more movies.

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