Rock Star (2001, USA) C-105m. SCOPE *** D: Stephen Herek. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Flemyng, Dominic West, Jason Bonham, Timothy Spall, Timothy Olyphant, Rachel Hunter, Colleen Fitzpatrick. Engaging drama set in the mid-1980s of youngster Wahlberg, who idolizes the lead singer of his favorite heavy metal group and plays in a tribute band. When the band approach him to replace his idol, he becomes a rock star overnight. Interesting recreation of a rock-era has a few silly sequences too many, but Wahlberg is so appealing in the lead that this compensates any flaws. The songs are actually sung by Mike Matijevic, though Wahlberg was in a band himself in the early 1990s. George Clooney co-executive produced.

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