Ultime Grida dalla Savana (La Grande Caccia) (1974, ITA) C-89m. **½ D: Antonio Climati, Mario Morra. Narrated by Alberto Moravia. Italian documentary about the humans' need for and fascination with the hunt, showing countless scenes of humans chasing animals and animals dying. Interestingly, the humans here as portrayed with the same distance as the beasts. Surprisingly well-photographed and effectively edited, this mondo movie is occasionally off-putting, though. Score by Carlo Savina. Co-director Climati was cinematographer for the genre classics MONDO CANE (1962) and AFRICA ADDIO (1966). Original version runs longer. English titles: SAVAGE MAN… SAVAGE BEAST, SAVAGE TEMPTATION, THE GREAT HUNTING, and ZUMBALAH. Followed by SAVANA SANTA (1976) and DOLCE E SELVAGGIO (1983).

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