Ai No Borei (1978, JAP/FRA) C-104m. ** D: Nagisa Oshima. Starring Tatsuya Fuji, Kazuko Yoshiyuki, Takahiro Tamura, Takuzo Kawatani. Follow-up to AI NO CORRIDA (1976) examines the guilt experienced by Fuji, who has killed her husband with her lover. The husband returns as a ghost and haunts the woman. Slowly paced, but horror buffs will find this satisfying as fine photography creates a spooky atmosphere. A definite influence on RINGU (1998). Director Oshima adapted the novel by Itoko Namura. Filmed in VistaVision (approx. 2.0:1). Also known as EMPIRE OF PASSION, IN THE REALM OF PASSION, PHANTOM LOVE, and THE GHOST OF LOVE.

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