Backyard, The (2002, USA) C-80m. ** D: Paul Hough. Starring The Lizard, Scar, Chaos, Heartless, Bongo, The Retarded Butcher, Rob Van Dam, James Weston. Straight-forward documentary (an attempted shockumentary) takes a look at the phenomenon of Backyard wrestling, which is done by kids who dream of making it in the wrestling business and try to imitate their idols and their shows. However, this is done in improvised rings in the backyard, and in ultra-violent fashion, with barb-wire fences, light bulbs, etc. and people are even set on fire. Sometimes shocking, but not because of the violence portrayed but because of the aimless youths who waste their childhoods injuring each other. Low-key narration should have made much more of the topic.

© Ron Altman