Dukes of Hazzard, The (2005, USA) C-106m. SCOPE *** D: Jay Chandrasekhar. Starring Johnny Knoxville, Sean William Scott, Jessica Simpson, Burt Reynolds, Joe Don Baker, James Roday, Steve Lemme, Willie Nelson, Jay Chandrasekhar, Nikki Griffin, Barry Corbin. The 70s TV series makes it to the big screen in this fast, loud, funny action comedy. Knoxville and Scott play the Duke cousins, who find out that hot-shot Reynolds is planning some evil things in Hazzard County. And yes, there's a race coming up, for which Reynolds has hired racing star Roday. Plot is second-rate, but this does not matter when the laughs are there and the action delivers. Scott (of the AMERICAN PIE films) gives another engaging performance.

© Ron Altman