Dirty Game, The (1965, FRA/ITA/GER/USA) B&W-107m. ** D: Christian-Jacque, Werner Klingler, Carlo Lizzani, Terence Young. Starring Henry Fonda, Robert Ryan, Vittorio Gassman, Annie Girardot, Bourvil, Robert Hossein, Peter van Eyck, Maria Grazia Buccella, Mario Adorf, Klaus Kinski. European spy thriller divided into three stories, made in the wake of the James Bond movies. The first one stars Fonda as a spy who manages to escape to West Berlin one rainy night and has a secret to disclose to general Ryan. The second story is set in Africa and features Bourvil as an unlikely super agent even cooler than Bond. The third one has Gassman trying to find out who kidnapped an importnt scientist. First one (directed by Young) is the best, most atmospheric, the other two undermine the fun a bit (it should have been shot in color). For buffs. French original title: LA GUERRE SECRETE. Also known as THE SECRET AGENTS, THE DIRTY AGENTS.


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