Ringu 0: Bâsudei (2000, JAP) C-99m. ** D: Norio Tsuruta. Starring Yukie Nakama, Seiichi Tanabe, Kumiko Aso, Yoshiko Tanaka, Takeshi Wakamatsu. After two sequels, the Japanese horror hit gets a prequel, which tells the story of young Sadako, who is the restless spirit in the original RINGU (1998). In 1968, the deeply troubled girl joins an acting troupe, who are rehearsing a play. Soon, people start to die and everything is blamed on her. Rumors of the traumatized girl's spiritualist mother start to surface. Relatively low-key, but moody, not uneffective chiller, for fans of the series. English title: RING 0: BIRTHDAY.

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