Gokudô Sengokushi: Fudô (1996, JAP) C-98m. M D: Takashi Miike. Starring Shosuke Tanahara, Kenji Takano, Marie Jinno, Tamaki Kenmochi. Totally absurd gangster thriller about Tanihara's quest to destroy his father's Yakuza organization. He was traumatized in his childhood when he witnessed his own brother's execution by his father! He enlists the help of school friends (some 6 years old!) to kill his father's killers. Excessively violent (for no reason), explicitly sexual (perversely so) and totally plodding in the breaks between the film's action scenes. An unnerving experience that you might not want to sit through. If this is cult, then more like Jess Franco's films are (Miike makes films at Franco's old rate). Based on a novel by Hitoshi Tanimura. Followed by a video sequel. English title: FUDOH: A NEW GENERATION.

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