Big Doll House, The (1971, USA/FIL) C-95m. ** D: Jack Hill. Starring Judy Brown, Pam Grier, Roberta Collins, Brooke Mills, Pat Woodell, Sid Haig. Exploitation cult classic about several female inmates of a prison in the middle of the Filipino jungle and their struggles with sadistic, lesbian personnel, and lecherous delivery guys. Some cheesy moments, but a guilty pleasure most of the way, with showers, catfights, mud wrestling and torture scenes. One of the earliest - and best - W.I.P. (women in prison) movies. Grier's first major role after a brief bit in BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (1970). Roger Corman and Cirio H. Santiago were among the producers. Followed by THE BIG BIRD CAGE. Also known as BAMBOO DOLLS HOUSE, and WOMEN'S PENITENTIARY I (and III).

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