Eventreur de Notre-Dame, L' (1979, FRA/BEL/SPA) C-96m. M D: Jess Franco. Starring Rosa Almirall (=Lina Romay), Cathernie Lafferière, Jess Franco, Lynn Monteil (=Nadine Pascal). Slow-moving horror trash shot for about 2 by cult director Franco: He himself plays (amateurishly so) an ex-priest who is obsessed with amorality and goes on a killing spree. Moves at a snail's pace. Franco used various pseudonyms in this production; he also cowrote the script (if there was one). He also filmed a version which features hard-core footage. Also known as CHAINS AND BLACK LEATHER, DEMONIAC, EXORCISM AND BLACK MASSES, EXORCISM, and THE RIPPER OF NOTRE DAME.

© Ron Altman