Città Sconvolta: Caccia Spietata ai Rapitori, La (1975, ITA) C-97m. ** D: Fernando Di Leo. Starring Luc Merenda, James Mason, Irina Maleeva, Marino Masé, Daniele Dublino, Valentina Cortese, Salvatore Billa, Tom Felleghy. Industrialist Mason's son is kidnapped along with Merenda's. The poor car mechanic trusts Mason to work things out. When his soni s killed, Merenda takes justice into his own hands. Typical Italian crime meller suffers from second-rate, under-developed script. Some intense performances and Luis Bacalov's score (ranging from classical to synthesizer rock) make this slightly recommendable to fans. Watch out for edited versions. English title: THE KIDNAP SYNDICATE.

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