Resan till Melonia (1989, SWE/NOR) C-99m. *** D: Per Ahlin. Starring (the voices of) Hans Alfredson, Jan Blomberg, Robyn Carlsson, Allan Edwall, Olle Sarri. Fine animated feature, a loose adaptation of William Shakespeare's The Tempest, but aimed at children: Prospero the magician, lives with his daughter Miranda on paradise-like island Melonia, the only natural place left on Earth. However, evil industrialists are making plans to take it over. Together with a stowaway, little Miranda schemes to free the children forced to labor on their island, which is one big factory. Excellent storytelling in adequately animated fantasy tale will keep kids spellbound for most of the time. For adults, it's no less captivating; its ecological message is a further plus. Recommended viewing. May even have partly inspired Jeunet et Caro's LA CITE DES ENFANTS PERDUS (1995). English title: THE JOURNEY TO MELONIA: FANTASIES OF SHAKESPEARE'S 'THE TEMPEST'.

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