Fatal Frames (1996, ITA) C-131m. ** D: Al Festa. Starring Stefania Stella, Rick Gianasi, David Warbeck, Ugo Pagliani, Leo Daniel, Alida Valli, Geoffrey Copleston, Linnea Quigley, Giorgio Albertazzi, Rossano Brazzi, Ciccio Ingrassia, Donald Pleasence, Angus Scrimm. Incredible horror over-indulgence features Italian singer Stella (née Di Giandomenico) as a pop star (what else?) whose latest music video director Gianasi is haunted by the killing of his wife. In Rome, the same killer seems to be threatening the crew and filming his victims. An unsuccessful attempt to revive the Italian horror film (more or less dead since 1991), ambitious perhaps, but slowly paced and fatally overlong. At least, director Festa (Stella's spouse) tries to stage this stylishly, with some good lighting and editing. Still, it's simply too much (noise) and too little (plot), and practically only saved by some cameos of horror legends. Dedicated to Brazzi and Pleasence, whose last film appearance this was. Italian title: FOTOGRAMMI MORTALI.

© Ron Altman