Figlia di Frankenstein, La (1971, ITA) C-83m. ** D: Mel Welles, Aureliano Luppi. Starring Joseph Cotten, Rosalba Neri, Paul Muller, Paul Whiteman, Herbert Fux, Mickey Hargitay. Cotten plays Dr. Frankenstein, whose daughter Neri - an M.D. herself - takes over his laboratory when the monster kills him. Low-budget horror tries to be atmospheric, and score is not bad, but plot is poorly paced. Watchable for Euro horror fanatics, others may not be so forgiving. Cotten went on to make GLI ORRORI DEL CASTELLO DI NORIMBERGA (BARON BLOOD) with Mario Bava. Sergio Martino was camera operator. Uncut print runs a few minutes longer. Alternative titles: LADY FRANKENSTEIN, MADAME FRANKENSTEIN, and DAUGHTER OF FRANKENSTEIN.


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